Principles of Visual Collaboration

Improve your online facilitation in this 90-minute online training. We'll explore and discuss the principles of visual collaboration. This training is for practitioners seeking to improve their online facilitation with digital whiteboards.


Facilitator Training

🕓   90-minute intense online training & pretraining

🗓️   on request

📦   How to implement visual collaboration in your training

📍   Online via Zoom and Miro

Visual collaboration among participants boosts creativity and motivation. Visual collaboration tools enable participants to interact with each other, collaboratively solve problems in teams and condense information in group discussions. One important tool is a digital whiteboard. Digital whiteboards can be used for asynchronous and personalized learning and intensifies your participants' online learning experiences.

We learn what we see

Visual collaboration means interacting with each other in a way that you can see it, not just verbally. Visual collaboration could be through tangible items, like filming a movie oder drawing a poster together. But it can also be digital in the form of a Word document or pixel art.

Visual work enables people to directly see and discuss what they create. It's easier for participants to get everybody on the same page and deep-dive into complicated topics. More often than not, visual collaboration is misunderstood as 'documentation', but when participants see it as work in progress or prototypes it could help them to boost their collaborative progress.

In this training we'll discuss visual collaboration as a concept and digital whiteboards in detail because digital whiteboards are very powerful when it comes to facilitating discussions.


This training is for online facilitators who currently make their first steps with digital whiteboards (not necesssarily Miro).

In this training we will explore ways how you can foster your participants' visual collaboration.

  • Explore the different ways in which visuals can help learners to proceed, what types of visuals there are
  • Try out and discuss different types of visual collaboration, where participants learn together visually
  • Find out how digital whiteboards can help participants to do visual collaboration (and how you can foster it)
  • Learn the basics of online facilitation with digital whiteboards: Creating elements, shapes and diagrams & locking them. Sharing (team and anonymous access). Using the timer in combination with breakout groups. Presenting on a whiteboard. Image and data exporting for your documentation

This training contains several introductory videos which are mandatory to watch before the training starts (pretraining).

Your Takeaways

After this training, you will know how and when to use visual collaboration (and when not), discussed different aspects of it and prepared a session for visual collaboration to make the next step as an online facilitator to create amazing learning experiences. Also, you will...

  • Receive a graphic organizer with all the contents of this training for your documentation
  • Have more methods in your facilitator's toolbox, including a quick board creation template
  • Keep access to our network hub, where all links and concepts are available for you to re-read and re-watch
  • Always be able to contact Christian in case of follow-up questions from your side



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